Niawigs 613 Blonde Wigs

What does 613 mean in hair

613 blonde wigs

Niawigs 613 Blonde Wigs are made of human hair that is 100% natural and can be bleached, flat-ironed, and cut to look as natural as you can. They can also be washed and styled without shedding.

613 human hair wigs

A 613 human hair hair wig is an excellent choice for women looking to improve the appearance of their hair, without damaging the quality. Moreover, these wigs can help boost your confidence and improve your fashion sense and add romance and class to your personality. They are simple to style and manage, made of healthy human hair.

613 blonde wigs can be dyed

If you are interested in coloring your wigs with blonde hair, you have the option of choosing from a range of colors. This hair type is soft and easy to handle. You can pick a variety of colors and shades to match your personality.

613 blonde hair wigs are versatile

The 613 blonde wigs can be found in a variety of styles, colors, textures and textures they are extremely versatile. They can be worn with any kind of attire and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Whether you are going to an event that is formal or a party, your wig is sure to be a great addition to your ensemble.

613 blonde wigs are made from natural sources

A 613 blonde wig can be a great option for many reasons. It is extremely light on the scalp. Many people who wear wigs complain of the weight of their 613 wigs. But, they weigh between 200 to 300 grams. They can be dyed to match your hair color. These benefits make them perfect for wear every day.

613 blonde wigs flatter all skin tones

The 613 blonde wig is a natural-looking color that can be worn with any skin tone. The pre-plucked hairline and baby hair on top will allow you to achieve a a natural-looking finish. The hairline is also accentuated with HD lace which has been bleached slightly. The blonde color works well with makeup. It can be blended with light eyeshadow and a small amount of silver highlighter.

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